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As mcbarnes1970 said earlier this week, Monster House rocks! I want a Monster House!

The houses they have done so far are:
Episode 1: Race-Car House
Episode 2: Tropical House
Episode 3: '70s House
Episode 4: Medieval Castle House
Episode 5: Old West House
Episode 6: Golden Age of Hollywood House
Episode 7: Zen House
Episode 8: Hacienda House
Episode 9: Sultan House
Episode 10: Old English House
Episode 11: Retro-Future House
Episode 12: Vegas House
Episode 13: Fright House
Episode 14: Under the Sea House
Episode 15: Family Vacation House
Episode 16: Jurassic House
Episode 17: Christmas House
Episode 18: Mobster House
Episode 19: Sports House
Episode 20: Mardi Gras House
Episode 21: Ancient Rome House
Episode 22: Viking House
Episode 23: Mad Scientist House

Unfortunately you have to live within 1 hour of LA or in Las Vegas to apply. *pout*
So, what kind of monster house would YOU want?

I think a Hollywood one would be cool. Or a Safari house. If Monster ever comes to Minnesota, we are SO applying for it!

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