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Nice lazy weekend, mostly

Friday I dropped HellBob off at work because his foot hurt. It was apparently very sprained although he didn't know how. Anyway, when I got off work at 12:30 (yeah, flex time!) I zipped downtown to pick him up to take him to the doctor. It felt like we were there for about 6 hours! But they did figure out what was wrong. Not a sprain, but something very treatable.
Then we headed home after a quick trip to Target for his prescription. He got to use the motorized cart since he couldn't walk at all. Since we had left his crutches in the car several people in the store were giving him dirty looks. Since he was young and didn't have an obvious injury (i.e. no cast or wrap or anything) he must just be goofing around, right?
Saturday afternoon we met Mark at the theater to see Jackass. Definitely a matinee movie, but not as bad as I had feared. I have never watched this show, so I can't compare the movie to it. It had some laugh your ass off bits. It had some stupid bits. It had some cringe in pain bits. And it had one bit where I literally covered my eyes until I heard the scene change. All in all, a very mixed bag. You definitely leave the theater feeling much better about yourself in comparison. And you are also very glad that with as much as they injure themselves, they may never be able to reproduce.
After the movie we headed home to work on dinner and at 4:00 passaddhi showed up for dinner. We don't get to see him enough these days. It was a very nice dinner. We had porketta, an Iron Range dish that is basically a seasoned pork roast. Very yummy. HB & I have been known to spend almost $100 on meat up north buying all the things we can't find here. The visit was too short, since RM had to take off for a couple Halloween parties.
HB & I just relaxed the rest of the night. Unfortunately we discovered that we had missed Firefly due to the Wellstone coverage. Damn. That is one excellent show.
Now it is Sunday afternoon. HB is watching something really rare this year: The Vikes are kicking some ass!

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