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So sad. Only 5 more Angel episodes. It's my fault. I'm sorry. Every Joss show has been cancelled the season I started watching it.

But in happy news, I picked up Angel season 2 & 3 today because they were on sale at Circuit City.

The people at work who were terrified by the itty bitty teeny weeny little garter snakes apparently won. Jim said that there was a snake hunt and the snakes were put outside. I so hope that all those people end up with mice in their office. And that it scares the bejesus out of them. Cuz they deserve it. What does a full grown human really think that a tiny snake will do to them? And it's not like they were running (slithering?) wild throughout the building. They liked the garden and stayed there.

We've got mandatory overtime at work again this week. 4 hours. I don't think I'll be getting all four hours in. I have to go in early tomorrow, because I can't stay late. I have my psychiatrist appointment , and evening appts are not easy to come by so I refuse to change it just for overtime. It sucks that I have to go 'cuz my office visit copays are $25, but Ritalin's such a pain in the ass to get refills on and they require a certain number of visits per year.

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