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The commercials creep me out, but we ordered Quiznos for lunch today...yum! I like!

Only 4 hrs, 15 min before I can get out of here. Of course I have to get up insanely early tomorrow too. At least I will have Ritalin tomorrow. I tried to fill my prescription at the only 24 hr pharmacy I could think of between work and home on my way in this morning. They were out. *hmph* Now I have to struggle twice as hard to stay awake.

Hey, hellbob, since I got that vacation time and I really wanna go on vacation, you should go to the Worldmark site and check out these two resorts to see which sounds better to you:
WA-Birch Bay and CAN-Victoria. They both have availability. Also, we could even get a "sleeps six" at either if Derek, Annette, and the kids wanted to have a mini-vacation the week we are there. The main benefit of Birch Bay over Victoria is that it is on the US mainland so it is a non-ferry interstate type drive to Seattle, The main benefit of Victoria over Birch Bay is that it is closer to whale watching and to Olympic Nat'l Forest.

Oh, lunch hour half-hour is so short...

Back to work...

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