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What better way to welcome somebody to our country than the stench of urine?

Everyone give a nice warm welcome to the HellBrother-in-Law, akdar. He is genevra's husband and (we assume) the father of my future niece & nephew, Willow & Spike. We have succeeded in luring him to the dark side. Mwaaahaaahhaaaahaaa.

In other news, I have confirmation that the book publishers LOVE to screw college students. hellbob had a required text for one of his classes and when I checked out Amazon I discovered that it retails for the bargain price of only $129! But there were copies in the other people selling stuff section too, so when I saw a bunch at $75 I assumed they were used copies. Nope. A little investigation and I discovered that they were the "international" version. And they are softcover rather than hardcover but other than that they are the same word for word, picture for picture. Oh yeah, except for the little blurb of text on the back that says "This book cannot be re-exported from the country to which it is sold by McGraw-Hill. The International Edition is not available in North America" because we want to screw the Americans, even though we are an American company. Ok, maybe that last bit wasn't really on there, but it should have been!

As I was driving to the drugstore tonight (note to self... running out of Ritalin is BAD BAD BAD!) I passed a field with a bunch of seagulls sitting there and the first thing that popped into my mind was Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Our cat integration is going sporadically. We haven't had to call in the National Guard yet, but there have been a few skirmishes. Mostly Gabriel. He has been Super Mr Crankypants lately, and he just gets crankier when Buddy is upstairs. Things have been relatively calm with Buddy & Lump. They've even sat a foot apart from each other trading meows a couple times. I'm just wondering if part of Gabe's crankiness is because of his hyperthyroid. i really need to look into getting the proccess started for nuking him. I think he'll be much happier once he doesn't have to put up with us throwing pills down his throat twice a day!

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