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The newest issue of The History Channel Magazine that's going to be mailed out in the next few days has a D-Day cover. Which just reminds me of how much I want one of the photos that dad has from Aunt Betty/Uncle Roddy's estate. He's been selling stuff on ebay and all the proceeds go into an account that will be split among the 7 remaining children. One of the things he has that we don't know the value of yet is an actual photo (not a print) of this:

(Linkage if the photo doesn't show up
It is 8 x 10 and it is signed by Carl Mydans, the photographer.
I really want it because it is such a cool piece of photographic history and it's such an incredible image. Unfortunately it is probably also valuable, which means that we need to figure out how much it's worth and then I have to bargain with dad to see how much I can buy it for rather than him possibly getting a higher price on ebay. I do know that you can buy a different one of Mr. Mydans MacArthur photos from the LIFE picture collection, and that sells for $75 for the 8x10...

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