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Am I supposed to actually be working?

This afternoons email conversation with Michelle, right after I had ravioli for lunch:

Me: I have...

...Garlic Breath of Doooooooom!

Her: Don't go near any vampires then........we wouldn't want to scare away any Angel or Spikey goodness...... :p

Me: Eek! Didn't think of that! Can't kiss vampires. Damn. Can't even lick vampires. Double Damn.

Her: mmmmmmm vampires.....
You shouldn't have had any garlic....shame on you.......tormenting snakes and scaring away vampires.........

Me: Well, the vampire thing should be ok, because the sunlight is currently doing a good job of scaring them away. And the snake was so cute!

Her: Very true! I'm really about to drop off......the 6:00am thing just really throws me off!

Me: Want some Ritalin? *grin*

Her: prolly shouldn't do that......chuckle......but I definitely shouldn't be in a warm building sitting in front of a computer screen............outside.........in a chair/on a blanket........napping in the nice spring sunshine

Me: Yeah, bosses to tend to frown upon having their employees all tweaked out. Of course, if your productivity took a sudden jump they would probably REQUIRE it for everyone!

Her: Wouldn't be surprised by that.......
I was just about attacked by a boy band and bimbo song......skipped past that real fast.

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