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I want to go to Omegacon. *sigh* But I have no money.
On the plus side the dead Mazda will be moving out of the garage soon, so the Saturn can be an indoor car! My mommy agreed to loan me the money for the repair on the condition that she will have the money in hand on the day the car sells. :)
This car has been sitting in our garage since the end of January when it threw a CV joint. We had been planning on selling it when the weather got warmer (the heater doesn't work so well) so when it died I said f*@k it, we're buying a real car! Unfortunately this made fixing it a low priority. But if we can get it fixed, which will run about 300, we can sell it for hopefully 1500-2000. My mom may be insane, but at least she's there.
If we can accomplish this by Nov 8, we can maybe do Omegacon...

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