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No work for me!

Yay! I am on vacation until next Friday!
Yup. I don't have to go to work tomorrow or Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday!!
Some of my time off goals:
Class tomorrow morning
Throw baby shower for genevra, Spike & Willow on Sun (And if you were invited and haven't RSVP'd....grrrr!)
Clean/organize the spare room of doom into a room of bookshelves and such
Visit the Memorial Blood Center vampires to get drained of 2 pints of platelets
Take college math placement exam to hopefully avoid having to take a math class (although if i can't pass the algebra test it should just prove that i really don't need it, because I passed 16 years ago so if I can't do it now that means I never had to use it and thus it is not neccessary in my life!)
Balance the checkbook & pay bills
Take the Saturn in for an oil change
Take Lump in for shots
Trim and/or remove the annoying flat evergreen thingies in front of the house

having a cool mood theme makes me keep trying to use different moods because all the pictures are different!

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