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Five things

I stole this from passaddhi. Luckily I am out of his police jurisdiction so he can't arrest me for the thievery!

5 things you are wearing:
1. Wedding ring
2. Ankh earrings
3. Winnie the Pooh Halloween socks
4. Death watch (from the Sandman comic book)
5. A big baggy night shirt with yellow smiley faces and black & white puppy faces

5 things you can see:
1. Rick!
2. My stuffed moose
3. Part of an Arctic Fox (my computer wallpaper)
4. hundreds of books
5. B & W photo of a wolf that I took at Como Zoo

5 things you are doing right now:
1. Typing (duh!)
2. Listening to my stomach growl
3. Smelling the yummy chicken rice that just finished cooking
4. Procrastinating on some homework
5. Still typing...

5 things you ate in the last 24 hours:
1. Pizza bites (stole them off Rick plate. I apparently have thieving issues today)
2. M & M's
3. Ham & Cheese croissant sandwich
4. Extra Spearmint gum (is it eating if you don't swallow?)
5. Porketta sandwich

5 things you've done so far today:
1. Drawn a naked person (art class)
2. Talked my brother into fixing my car
3. Made dinner so Rick could just add the chicken and bake it while I was at class
4. Worked. ugh
5. Hugged Lump kitty

5 Things you can hear right now:
1. The hum of my computer's fan
2. Rick snoring
3. The crinkle of Gabriel kitty chewing on his crunchy frog toy
4. My keyboard, not really a tap, sort of indescribable
5. My knee just made an odd popping sound

5 thoughts in your head right now:
1. I should go to bed
2. I should do that homework I procrastinated on
3. Only two days until Samhain
4. I don't want to work tomorrow
5. Angie Harmon, sleeping on satin, for some reason... oh wait, that's what RM was thinking about. I don't want to copy him... How about Ben Affleck, not sleeping on satin, with me, not J. Lo :->

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