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taking a quick break...

Been working on tonight's homework all day... I have to have 60 thumbnails and 3 8.5x11 comps. And of course because of everything that's happened my mind is relatively blocked.
FYI, hellbob, we're going to give genevra a ride to the wake so that akdardoesn't have to drive from Shoreview to Plymouth to St. Paul. We'll be running into downtown to pick you up when you're done working, then we'll run to MCTC for me to run up and show the teacher my stuff, explain why I'm not staying for class, and get the assignment for next week. Then off to the visitation.
Sorry hellbob, but I don't think I can get to the lawn today, but if it doesn't rain tomorrow I can do it then.
I had to take a quick break from homework because I could feel the beginnings of a caffeine headache knocking on my skull. While I was driving to the store I was very amused to see a pair of shoes hanging on a line over the road, reminiscent of Big Fish.

To add a little color to your day, here's some violets:

And here is this year's Harvey. He's more brown and he's bigger than Harvey v2.003:

OK, back to the homework...

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