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A post that notmonochrome made reminded me about this thing so I just refreshed it and I have oodles more people in it now. I have 5 friends who are over 100% compatible (not that I have any clue how that can happen...) And it's kind of weird that hellbob is only 93% compatible. He must have answered some of the questions wrong!! :)

silmarian 106%
elisem 106%
mcbarnes1970 102%
alisgray 102%
ksracxe 102%
minervacat 99%
notmonochrome 98%
michaellee 98%
davidkingsley 98%
nicepersonality 98%
onecheshire 98%
zerbie 95%
poipoipoi 95%
visus 95%
hellbob 93%
chebutykin 91%
dakegra 91%
lexinatrix 87%
aureth 87%
kalmn 87%
kiki_chrissy 87%
vorrant 87%
swnoble 72%
How compatible with me are YOU?

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