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hellbob & I were within moments of being in a car crash last night. A police chase no less...
We were heading to a friend's house and didn't remember her exact street address, even though we know what street she is on, and the general area. So we were heading north on Emerson and turned left on Lowry so that we could then go south on Fremont (silly one ways) realized that we hadn't gone far enough north so we circled back to Emerson. As we approached Lowry the second time we saw an accident in the intersection. There was already a cop there, one car was off to the left on Lowry on the sidewalk. Then, about a half block up was another car. A Toyota SUV that was pretty mangled both on front & back, and there were a few parked cars that were pretty banged up.
Pretty scary, since we know we were within minutes of being in that intersection at the wrong time.
Then, today, I was watching a taped show from last night and the Kare 11 news went live to the scene of that same accident. That's how I learned that it had been a police chase. A cop had spotted a car driving recklessly and tried to pull it over and the driver decided that trying to flee was a better idea.

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